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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NY Daily News Article Follow-up

Denis Hamill just wrote a follow-up article to his piece blasting the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for disgraceful conditions at park baseball fields. From the new article:

"Help is on the way.

Or so says Dorothy Lewandowski, Parks Department Queens borough commissioner, and Philip Sparacio, department chief of operations in the borough.

They have already responded to some of the issues raised in my recent column detailing the deplorable conditions of the Little League fields in Queens."

You can read the entire article here. Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski is quoted in the article:

"In Queens, we have under 500 full-time maintenance, recreation, administrative and forestry workers to service 7,000 acres in 400 parks and playgrounds, plus 350,000 street trees, and 800 planted triangles and 168 baseball fields"

This begs the question,; If there aren't enough workers to take care of the existing parks, why destroy the unique habitats at Ridgewood Reservoir to create another one?

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