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Friday, June 26, 2009

Highland Park Children's Garden

I just received a copy of the Highland Park Children's Garden newsletter for early summer:

Highland Park Children's Garden Reader - Early Summer 2009

Overall spring was cooler than normal but most of our experienced gardeners realized you must plant as soon as possible for an early harvest. By mid-May almost all the plots were planted. We had sufficient rain - only had to use the hose once to fill the barrels. But by the end of spring we had one of the wettest!

Remember gardeners we need your cooperation and commitment. Please continue to care for your plots and the path. Keep the shed tidy and neat by putting tools and other items where they belong. Please do not allow children in the sheds. We have a total of 28 registered families. Please welcome our newcomers: Sam & Laura Franqui and 5 children, Doug & Theresa Cohn and 2 sons, Sabrina Hartzler and Melanie Peters.

WE HAVE A NEW COMPOST BENCH - thanks to Miguel, Domingo, & Frank Belizario. You can see it next to the compost tumbler.


The Secret Garden on Tues, April 14, was a big success and we hope it will return next year. What made this terriffic was the activities focused on gardening and nature.
The 3rd Annual Hoe Down was a success on Sat. April 18, where we had Boy Scouts from Troop 96, Cub Scouts from Packs 67 & 224 and Girl Scouts Troop 2503 as well as their parents to help divide plants and work on the compost. We are greatful for the gardeners who came out to clean the garden.
The Junior Garden Club held their 3rd season from May 2 - June 6 with an average of 15 children. This year we had 2 other gardening families participate besides the Moores. Among the participants were 3 homeschooling families from our homeschooling support group: LEAH - Loving Education At Home. We will have a fall session in Sept. & Oct. And yes, we will enter vegetables from the garden for the Queens County Farm Fair Contest. Our sponsor is the Independence Community Foundation. Register on Sat. Sept. 5, 10 -12. Starts Sat. Sept. 12, 10 -12.
Plant Giveaways from the Green Guerillas in early May were given to our new gardeners. Domingo Belizario went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden/GreenBridge giveaway. Dennis and Lucienne went on 6/6 to the GreenThumb spring supplies pickup. They were stuck in a big line but received a hose, hoe, bags, pruner and gloves. They brought daylilies and irises which were happily received by the gardeners.
It's My Park Day and Weed & Feed #1 on 5/16 was well attended and the path looked great. Begonia and geranium cuttings were given out as well as tomato and celosia seedlings: 45 adults & kids attended. No Rain!
The 3rd Annual Strawberry Festival on 6/13 was a success. The garden looked pretty and clean. The strawberry patch had more flowers and berries. It was not as large and sprawling as the first two years and there were less exhibits. But was much cozier and was as fun as ever. Plenty of entertainment and things to do. As in previous years, the garden received a donation of flowers from the greenhouse which was distributed among the plots and other areas. We are grateful for these beauties.

The Children's Garden is participating for a 2nd year in the Garden to Cafeteria Program with P.S. 89. The students will be growing and harvesting in their plots as well as the Junior Garden plots. Again, we ask the gardeners participation in harvesting and placing in a box for them in Sept. Many gardeners have surplus in Sept. and this a worthy cause to show children a healthy diet.

The Children's Garden is an official site of the Great Pollinator Project which is sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History. Ms. Josephine Scalia asked Joshua Moore if he will be an official Bee Watcher and he said yes. All the Moores went to the Bee Watcher workshop at the Alley Pond Environmental Center. We received native plants for the Great Pollinator Project which are planted in the Bird and Butterfly section. However, the milkweed plants are in the milkweed section and the mountain mint is in the mint section. Our first watching session was on June 25th. Thank you Nayda for helping set up the project site.

The Urban Park Rangers will host several nature workshops in the garden starting on Tues. July 21. Further details to be announced.

Our next Weed & Feed is Sat. July 4th, 10 -2. Weeding the path is first. If time permits we can weed in other areas. Please bring something to share at the BBQ. Nayda will have a cooking demo.

Remaining Weed & Feed #3 is Mon. Sept. 7 and #4 is Sat. Oct. 24, 10 -2. The last one will focus on getting the garden ready for winter. Pre-register for 2010 in Oct.


Co-ed Sports Clinics for ages 7 -14: Soccer, 10 - 12, Mon, Wed, Fri; Basketball, 10 -12, Tues, Thurs; Flag Football, 1-3, Tues, Thurs.
City Parks Foundation Tennis to age 17: 9 - 11, Tues, Thurs.
Yoga: Tues. 11 - 12 for Seniors; 12 - 1 for Teens. Ashford St & Jamaica Ave.
July & August Thursday evenings @7:30 Family entertainment sponsored by Councilman Dilan. Please check bulletin board. Wading/Performance area.
Aug. 29, Sat. 5:30 - Family Fun Night - activities plus a movie
Sept. 5, Sat. 10 -12 - Register for Junior Garden Club. 1st session on Sept. 12, 10 -12.
Sept. 27, Sun. 2 - Fall Bird Migration with the Urban Park Rangers. Elton St & Jamaica Ave.
Oct. 17, Sat. 12 - 3, Harvest Festival, Wading/Performance area.


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