Water is a valuable resource that we can't afford to waste, especially as the population continues to grow at a rapid rate. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), at least 36 states could face water shortages by 2013, meaning that continuous action must be taken in order to ensure we don't face a crisis situation. Fortunately, there are numerous of resources that you can consult if you'd like to learn more about water conservation. The blogs listed below will equip you with everything you need to know so you can do your part.

General News and Information
Get updates on the latest news, studies, movements and legislation related to water in the US and beyond.
  1. WaterWired: WaterWired is about "all-things fresh water," including news, analysis, humor and commentary by the accomplished and always involved Michael E. "Aquadoc" Campana.
  2. Water Conserve: Water Conserve features a search tool that enables readers to find water conservation news, information, analysis and opportunities.
  3. Water for the Ages: Abby Brown recognizes that water is life, so she has made it her mission to bring attention to important global water issues. She believes that we're not doing enough to preserve the precious resource, but realizes changes are attainable.
  4. Blue Living Ideas: On Blue Living Ideas, you'll find topics related to water conservation tactics, water purification and filtration, and water politics and economics -- just to name a few.
  5. Water -- Use It Wisely: Perhaps the most useful post on Water -- Use It Wisely is the "100 Ways to Conserve." Following them will have you saving thousands of gallons each month.
  6. Water Crunch: Robert Osborne shares news both serious and humorous. Recent posts cover new water legislation and "7 Tips to Search for Water circa 1958" -- the latter of which offers perspective on how times have changed when it comes to water conservation.
  7. Rainbow Water Coalition: Rainbow Water Coalition is "mostly about greywater," which is the waste water that comes from showers, baths, sinks and washing machines. The blog promotes "diversity in the color of water" in order to ensure efficient and healthy use of H2O.
  8. Food & Water Watch: The Food & Water Watch site advocates strong conservation measures, promoting policies that'll result in quality drinking water for everyone.
  9. WaterSISWEB: Researchers, scientists, students and other people interested in water resources gather on WaterSISWEB to share news and views.
  10. AWRA's Water Resource Blog: The American Water Resource Association compiles news and info from respected sources, informing the reader of water conservation measures and their effects.
  11. JAWRA Blog: The Journal of the American Water Resources Association, which publishes papers that examine water resources issues, composes a blog that essentially carries out the same function, highlighting interesting studies from numerous researchers.
  12. Water Matters: The Columbia Water Center's experts observe the global efforts to protect and preserve our water resources.
  13. On Water: On Water is composed by the Water Resource Center Archives at UC Berkeley, covering the latest research and news pertaining to water resources.
  14. Aguanomics: Economist and former Wantrup Fellow at UC Davis David Zetland shares his immense knowledge on the economics of water.
  15. The Water Law: Attorney Alex Basilevsky discusses "the legal issues impacting water rights and the water industry."
Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands Conservation
Our rivers, lakes and wetlands are characterized by their natural beauty and abundant resources. Conserving them now is essential to ensuring long-term sustainability.
  1. American Rivers: The River Blog: The staff of American Rivers, a "leading conservation organization standing up for healthy rivers," authors The River Blog, which focuses on the efforts to preserve the nation's rivers.
  2. Riparian Rap: Steve Gough documents the work of Little River Research and Design -- a service provider in river science and conservation. He also discusses the science of river ecosystem conservation and river geomorphology.
  3. Lake Scientist: Learn about the news affecting the world's freshwater resources by perusing Lake Scientist.
  4. The Compleat Wetlander: The official blog of the Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. focuses on wetland management, science and policy issues.
Regional Water Blogs
Water conservation is particularly a big deal in the Western US, where the environment is strained and the efficient use of water resources is crucial.
  1. H2ONCoast: Robert Emanuel of the Oregon Sea Grant Extension studies the North Coast of Oregon, introducing his knowledge on social and biophysical science.
  2. The Water Cooler: "California's first official water blog" monitors water -- or the lack thereof -- in the Golden State.
  3. Aquafornia: Affiliated with the Water Education Foundation, Aquafornia provides water news affecting the people of California. For example, it covers Colorado River basin, stormwater and desalination issues.
  4. EDF's On the Waterfront: The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is committed to "protecting California's ecosystems and providing reliable water supplies" for the state's farms and cities.
  5. On the Public Record: A "low level civil servant who reads a lot of government reports" writes about water in California.
  6. Spouting Off: Mark Gold is committed to making Southern California coastal waters safe and clean, and hopes to inspire action from people who share his concerns.
  7. Western Water Blog: The Western Water Blog examines water issues affecting California, Nevada and Colorado.
  8. Waterblogged: Water issues in Arizona and the Western US are covered by Arizona Republic reporter Shaun McKinnon. Lake Mead and the Colorado River are both monitored on the blog.
  9. JFleck at Inkstain: John Fleck, author and science writer for the Albuquerque Journal, watches and analyzes water resources in the Western US and the efforts to preserve them.
  10. Wisdom in Water, Please: Kansans and other people curious about water issues in the Midwest can absorb the wisdom of Wayne Bossert, who has managed the Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 4 for more than 33 years.
  11. Great Lakes Law: Professor Noah Hall composes "a blog on all things wet and legal in the Great Lakes Region."