The reservoir's historic structures & ecosystems are an opportunity to create a unique environmental education center for our children & their future.

Monday, November 5, 2007

ATVs on the running path

I went over to the reservoir late afternoon yesterday. Angel was there and told me that I had just missed all of the ATVs. He said that, as usual, they were riding on the running and biking path, as well as, tearing up the hillsides surrounding the basins. I can't imagine the damage that they would do if they could get their ATVs down inside of them. I'm sure that they've thought of it. Angel's friend Peter told me that he has caught kids with pellet guns killing birds and rabbits. Is this the Wild West?! Where is the NYPD or the Parks Enforcement Patrols?

On my way back to the subway I heard the loud engine of an ATV coming down the running path. I pulled out my camera just as it came around the corner in front of me. The guy driving it slowed down and glared at me when he saw my camera. I was only able to take one photo of him because the camera took a moment to turn on. You can see him looking over his shoulder at me. I'm so scared...not.

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uwriterich said...

The Highland Boulevard portion of supposedly grassy area between the street and the veterans cemetery is perpetually washing out with any amount of rain, almost exclusively the result of these ATV's being used so heavily.

Rob Jett said...

How do they even get them there? They are illegal to drive on the streets of NYC. Maybe the reason that the local police ignore them is because they are family friends.