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Thursday, November 1, 2007

ATV Usage

Last Sunday was the first time that I went to the Ridgewood Reservoir during mid-afternoon on the weekend. I was appalled by the abuse of ATVs throughout Upper Highland Park and around the reservoir. ATV owners would ride unrestricted on the running/bicycle path, the hillsides and, at one point, I watched one guy doing a wheelie up Highland Blvd to the intersection at Vermont Place. Angel told me that was business as usual and that the police and parks department have been called many times, but they don't do anything to curtail the problem. The damage that they do is so bad that you can see it clearly in the satellite images.

I don't understand what the problem is, as the "Rules of New York City" are very clear with regard to ATVs. What they are doing is not just destructive and annoying, it's illegal! Click here to download a list of "Department of Transportation" and "Department of Parks and Recreation" rules that unambiguously apply to ATVs.

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parnell said...

They are there every weekend. I have pointed this out to park rangers and they refuse to act. The park is essentially lawless. I think more joggers would probably use the jogging path around the reservoir if it weren't for the ATVs and motor bikes, they go really fast and make people feel unsafe, especially women.