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Friday, March 15, 2013

Dam Hazard Classifications

Below is a link to a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation document that outlines dam hazard classification:

I find it curious that the DEC believes that the Ridgewood Reservoir could cause catastrophic damage to the surround area if there was a dam failure when two of the three basins are empty of water and have remained that way for decades since they were drained. In addition, we've been told many times by individuals in the Natural Resources Group that the water in the central basin in merely inches deep and the result of collected rain water. Is it only a coincidence that the parks department has been talking for years about breaching the basins to give vehicle access to their planned recreational facilities within the basins? A plan that the surrounding communities has very vocally opposed.

In coming days we will be researching decommissioned reservoirs in New York State and report back whether the NYSDEC required those to be breached to "protect" the public.

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