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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bloomberg to Waste Millions of our Dollars

Dreier-Offerman Park, also known as Calvert Vaux Park, is about to undergo millions of dollars in renovations. A major part of the Department of Parks & Recreation's plan calls for replacing the natural turf with artificial turf. What's wrong with this picture?

Remember that this is at a time when the city is tearing up toxic artificial turf fields in the Bronx and the City Council is considering banning certain artificial recreational surfaces. In addition, Mayor Bloomberg recently called for strengthening the city's wetland protection laws. Can someone please call the mayor and let him know that part of Dreier-Offerman Park IS wetland and ALL of it drains into wetlands? Installing artificial turf where there once was grass does nothing to protect wetlands, in fact, it degrades it. His honor also just sent out a press release about his concerns for higher temperatures and rising sea levels. It appears that he also missed the most important message regarding the Urban Heat Island Effect. That is, replacing living vegetation with plastic will actually ADD to the heat effect.

New York City residents should be outraged. At the same time Mayor Bloomberg is talking about cutting back on essential services and raising the cost of a subway & bus ride, he will be spending millions on a plastic field that will benefit very few and perpetuate our selfish assault on the environment. It appears as though his last two press releases were as phony as those turf fields, designed to give the impression that he actually cares about the environment. Send an email to Mayor Bloomberg to let him know what you think about spending millions of taxpayers dollars on artificial turf fields while cutting back on the things New Yorkers really need.

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