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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is this what we have to look forward to?

The following terrible news about Union Square Park just came out on the Washington Square Park blog:

Union Square Park Healthy & Mature Trees Coming Down… by Order of NYC Parks Department

"Received word from another blogger, Jessica Alfieri (who took the picture above), that the fourteen to fifteen healthy, mature trees at Union Square Park are getting the ax. These amazing trees have been part of this park for many years. She writes that one of the “big ones” came down last week (one of the great Siberian Elms I presume) and “six or seven little ones” came down yesterday. Those trees were to the left of the Pavilion in the foreground of the photo. There are still a few standing (not for long tho’)."

Read the entire posting here. This is just another chapter for the enduring legacy of Commissioner Adrian Benepe. Will the community near the Ridgewood Reservoir and Highland Park wake up one day soon to the sound of chainsaws and bulldozers?

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