The reservoir's historic structures & ecosystems are an opportunity to create a unique environmental education center for our children & their future.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Metro NY article

An article by Amy Zimmer about the reservoir was published in today's Metro-NY. In the article Queens Councilman Tony Avella asks, “Why not spend the money where there are opportunities for ball fields where you don’t need to destroy natural areas?”

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parnell said...

There is an article in todays New York Times about the parks department disaster at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx. They proposed a "destination park" (sound familiar?) golf courses, the whole works. It was budgeted at 22.4 million a few years back. They have already spent 84 million and nothing has been built. In the article Mr. Benepe denies any personal responsibility for the mess. (the buck stops over there, way over there) If anyone still thinks these folks have the skills to manage a project like they propose at the reservoir, just read todays Times. Christina Wilkinson in her recent editorial got it right. Let's be sensible. Repair all the busted light fixtures in Highland park, re-seed and fix all the existing ball fields so our kids can play in safety. Restore the beautiful antique iron fence protecting the walkway dividing the basins so nature lovers can safely use them. We can repair and enjoy what we have for modest sums. Let Bloomberg build his legacy with his own money. He can afford it.